Wednesday, February 17, 2010


這個新年假期, 我原本有個終極願望, 那就是:

睡覺睡到死掉, 玩Game玩到手斷掉!

在年卅那天, 忙完了準備, 打算在吃飯之前先把每日任務解掉.

咦? 沒辦法連線? 打電話去問.

Sorry, sir. There seem to be some problem with your port over at our site. We'll send a technician over to settle the problem as soon as possible. Happy Chinese New Year.

我當時還心想最近有提高水準喔, 行動迅速. 罷了, 吃晚飯後再舒舒服服的玩個夠本.

Sorry, sir. Your report is still open at the moment, which means our technician is still on the matter. As your know it is a holiday weekend, and they might be short-handed. You might need to wait until Monday to completely resolve the matter.

Monday!? 那不是說我假期都不用上線了嗎!? 心裡幹聲連連, 但還能怎樣, 只能當自己衰.

Sorry, sir. There is currently a network fault in Sarawak region. Roughly 70,000 users are currently affected. We're unable to estimate how long is matter is going to continue. We hope that you can be patient. Thank you.

都快整個星期了也... 我現在每次嘗試連線就好像買馬票一樣, 博看會不會中. 就算中了, 速度也是他喵的驚人, 慢得驚人!

因此, 我目前的電腦螢幕不是這樣的畫面,


情人節慶要結束了. 我都還沒解完啊.

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夫君子之行, 靜以修身, 儉以養德. 非澹泊無以明志, 非寧靜無以致遠. 夫學須靜也, 才須學也. 非學無以廣才, 非靜無以成學. 慆慢則不能研精, 險燥則不能理性. 年與時馳, 志與歲去, 遂成枯落, 悲嘆窮廬, 將復何及也!

--- 《誡子書》 諸葛亮